Top 10 Tabby Kittens ~ 2011-2012

Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW D'Eden Lover Gipps of Fare

Red McTabby Male

Breeder: Carnevaletti-Gaspard-Michel
Owner: F. Gaspard-A. Leclerc

2nd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Moro Penelope of Cuzzoe

Blue Tabby Female

Breeder: Anne Nenin
Owner: Nenin-Valencia-Pelletier

3rd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Lushell's VictoriaSecret of Sejumay

Brown Patched Tabby Female

Breeder: Lucia Hollabaugh
Owner: Deborah Kenny

4th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Bayou Moon Mamou

Brown Tabby Female

Breeder: Tom-Judy Binion
Owner: Judy Binion

5th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Luvely Atom

Silver McTabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Tashia Lyons

6th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Joleigh's Moonglow

Silver Patched McTabby Female

Breeder/Owner: Sue Bloomquist

7th Best Tabby Kitten

RW Persipals Cool Your Jets

Red Tabby Male

Lena Karachun-Dennis Bradshaw

8th Best Tabby Kitten

GC Camalich Skooby

Red Tabby Male

Eugenia Camalich Massieu

9th Best Tabby Kitten

GC Purrty Katz Paper Roses

Red McTabby Female

Breeder/Owner: Brian Gravett-Brian Rowley

10th Best Tabby Kitten

GC Moro Oops

Brown Tabby Female

Breeder: Nenin A-Carnevaletti-Lueppens
Owner: Anne Nenin

Other 2011-12 Show Season Winners

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