Top 10 Solid Kittens ~ 2016-2017

Best Solid Kitten

GC, NW Mimihouse Amazing Grace

Copper-Eyed White Female

Breeder: Guan Hu
Owner: Zheng Qian-Guan Hu

2nd Best Solid Kitten

GC, NW Suavere's Corbin

Black Male

Carolyn-Stephen Vogel

3rd Best Solid Kitten

GC, NW Validian Zephyr
of Catsafrats

Black Male

Breeder: Peter J Rogers III
Owner: Bruce-Donna Isenberg
- Peter J Rogers III

4th Best Solid Kitten

GC, RW Lox-Nott Hello

Copper-Eyed White Female

Breeder: Y-S Staples-R Primmer-R Farber
Owner: Yoonai-Sophia Staples

5th Best Solid Kitten

Shiny Star's Night Sky

Black Male

Yi Shi

6th Best Solid Kitten

GC, RW D'Eden Lover Moise
of Royaldiamond

Black Male

Breeder: Gaspard Frederic-Philippe Libutti
Owner: Victoria V Palatnaya

7th Best Solid Kitten

CH, RW Nozomi Chibikuro Miyabi

Black Male

Takami Yamada

8th Best Solid Kitten

RW Haendel's Prototype

Black Male

Melanie Haendel

9th Best Solid Kitten

GC Akalanka's The Last Breeze

Red Female

Clare Muscat Said

10th Best Solid Kitten

CH Genasaqua's Shamon

Blue-Eyed White Male

Breeder/Owner: Lisa Monical

Other 2016-17 Show Season Winners

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