Top 10 Himalayan Kittens ~ 2017-2018

Best Himalayan Kitten

GC, NW Burnbrae's Zoie

Tortie Lynx Point Female

Breeder: Emmie F Curlett-Lyn Knight
Owner: Lyn & Keir Knight

2nd Best Himalayan Kitten

GC, RW Catbery Tail Firefly

Flame Lynx Point Female

Lori Kerr

3rd Best Himalayan Kitten

GC Catbery Tail Willy Nilly

Seal Point Male

Breeder: Lori Kerr-Debra Evans
Owner: Lori Kerr

4th Best Himalayan Kitten

GC, BWR, NW Brontti Royal Titanium

Blue Point Male

Kevin Brown-Marcelo Motti

5th Best Himalayan Kitten

GC, RW Purr-Majik Bargining Chip

Flame Point Male

Breeder: Cheryl Fisher
Owner: Sue Swaim

6th Best Himalayan Kitten

Miracle Paws Lizzie

Flame Lynx Point Female

Breeder: Sandy Merrill-Kathie S Bozsik
Owner: Kathie Bozsik, Lori Kerr

7th Best Himalayan Kitten

Countrygal Catallac Jack

Seal Point Male

Lynn Staker

8th Best Himalayan Kitten

CH, DW Catley Crue's Diego
of Luluwana

Blue Lynx Point Male

Breeder: Marsha Tjeerdsma
Owner: Yacob Alabdulhadi, Marsha Tjeerdsma

9th Best Himalayan Kitten

CH Dragonfyre's Fiona

Seal Lynx Point Female

Geri Fellerman

10th Best Himalayan Kitten

GC Dragonfyre's Paisley

Tortie Point Female

Geri Fellerman

Other 2017-18 Show Season Winners

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