Top 10 Bicolor Kittens ~ 2019-2020

Best Bicolor Kitten

GC, NW Velvetkist Crown Me Already

Blue Patched Tabby-White Female

Noralyn Heisig

2nd Best Bicolor Kitten

GC, NW Pinkpawpal Vayu

Blue Tabby-White Male

Breeder: P Weera-C Rueng-I Rattana
Owner: Pattama Weeranon-Chate Ruengruglikit

3rd Best Bicolor Kitten

GC, RW PL*Jantar Cassiopee

Brown Patched Tabby-White Female

Breeder: Frederic Gaspard-Adam Rogowski
Owner: Frederic Gaspard-Piotr Pardo-Adam Rogowski

4th Best Bicolor Kitten

RW Purfect Gift I B 2 Qt
of Top Shelf

Cream-White Male

Breeder: Judity Neall
Owner: Judith Neall-Pam Rutan

5th Best Bicolor Kitten

RW Posh Persian Puccini, Perfect Music

Brown Tabby-White Male

Breeder: Donna Waskiewicz - Tom Lukken
Owner: Donna-Thomas Waskiewicz

6th Best Bicolor Kitten

GC, RW Char-O's Charlie
of Purkiti

Blue-White Male

Breeder: Charmayne Phillips
Owner: Craig Grein-Charmayne Phillips-Jim Mitchell

7th Best Bicolor Kitten

GC, RW First Impact's Nyx
of Lindsaylover

Calico Female

Breeder: Saad Khalid Alrumaihi
Owner: Michael Izquierdo Martin

8th Best Bicolor Kitten

RW Joli Bief Pimprenelle

Brown Tabby-White Female

Gabriel Vandenameele

9th Best Bicolor Kitten

RW Chicarabian Paradise
of Arli

Brown Tabby-White Male

Breeder: Maria Consolacion Gamero Galan
Owner: Hipolito Pena Alvarez

10th Best Bicolor Kitten

RW Parti Wai Au Revoir
of Balashah

Cream-White Male

Breeder: Gloria Busselman
Owner: Susan-James Charles

Other 2019-20 Show Season Winners

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