Basics of Show Grooming ~ by Linda Berg

As I started talking to different Persian breeders on their routines I expected to discover GREAT secrets.... Unfortunately, no secrets... we have obviously all shared our information well, we have the same routines with just little variances!

One of the first things we learn when we bath longhair cats is to rinse thoroughly between each shampoo and rinse, rinse and rinse some more when we have completed each regimen. If there is any shampoo residue the coat will be flat and greasy looking.

The first step is to degrease the coat. Some people start with Goop (Gojo) others skip the Goop and start with a detergent like Dawn. When using Goop some start with a dry coat some prefer a wet coat some use it just around the ears or on the legs where the coat tends to split and look greasy. If you start with Goop your second step would be the degreasing shampoo or detergent. I have always used Dawn Dishwashing detergent others like Joy or Palmolive better. I would experiment and see which you prefer.

Once you decide on the detergent there are several ways to apply it. Some apply it directly and others like to dilute it with water. I take an 8oz glass of water and add a two Tablespoons of Dawn. I pour this thru the coat and rub in thru the coat well. I then rinse and repeat the process to make sure the coat is clean. If you chose to put the detergent directly onto the coat, you will find this more difficult to get worked into the coat and more difficult to remove. Some people prefer another degreaser after the detergent. The most popular is House of An-Ju One Step Degreaser.

With the next step you can go many different directions. If the coat is fine you can use a human shampoo for volume and body such as Nexus, Willow Lake or Aussie. If the coat is dry find a moisturizing shampoo. You can also add small amounts of conditioner if the coat is VERY dry. Rinse well again. This is the step where I think you really need to experiment with products to find the best for the coat you are working with.

The next step is to rinse all the soap residue from the coat. Here we have several different options. Some people float the coat by filling the sink up with water several times until the water stays clear without soap residue. Others rinse for five minutes. My routine is to add 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in water and rinse it thru the coat. It will remove all the soap residue and restore the natural PH. After you rinse it thru the coat thoroughly turn on the water and rinse the coat yet again.

A lot of breeders stop with the final rinse but a few continue on with a small amount of fabric softener in a gallon of water. The fabric softener helps remove static and makes the coat very soft. After you pour it thru the coat and distribute it well and guess what? You rinse again!!!

Good Luck!

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