Letter from the Breed Council Secretary ~ July 3, 2003

Dear Persian Breed Council Members:

A wonderful turnout of attendees at our Persian Breed Council breakfast meeting at the CFA Annual Meeting, good food, a great program, and a rousing discussion ... and I had to miss it all!

For those who do not know, my husband has been quite ill, and I was unable to go to the Annual. He is improving now, slowly but surely. Meanwhile, I turned the program over to the capable hands of Susan Cook Henry and Eric Won, and Mark Hannon performed the introductions and took minutes. Those minutes are printed here. My thanks to Susan, Eric and Mark for their good work on this!

Important dates coming up:

August 1 - Your membership application for the Breed Council must be submitted or renewed by this date in order to vote on Breed Council issues this year.

September 1 - The date that I must submit ballot items for our Breed Council poll. Therefore, anyone who is working on possible ballot items should get them to me no later than August 15 so that we will have time to consider them and make any wording changes that might be necessary.

Who's artistic? Mark Hannon has graciously agreed to allow the Persian Breed Council to continue to use the professional display board for our Persian display at the International Show. (I don't know if these are planned for the CATS! Show New York). We need for some creative, artistic Persian breeders to work on this display. It will involve planning/design plus obtaining the pictures or other material to be used on it. Who will volunteer? Please contact me at Cobeana@aol.com if you'll work on this project.

Anna Sadler, Persian Breed Council Secretary
July 3, 2003