Minutes of the June 2011 Breed Council Meeting


Geri Fellerman
Diane Castor
Deb Kenny
Nancy Sullivan
Bob Lorditch
Sue Bloomquist
Sue Abernathy
Linda Acomb
Claire Larkin
Wilma Van Scoyke
Janet Altschul
Kathy Pourhashemi
Nancy Petersen
Alekseis Dergachovs
Pat Lichtenberg
Jean Dugger
Sharon Gut
Tom Lukken
Irene Allen
Linda Fisher
Jeanne Nangle
Donna Jean Thompson
Matthew Pearson
Delinda Pearson
Galina Guriera
Elena Postanogova
Jeanne Scholz-Snyder
Lyn Knight
Sandy Merrill
Kathie Burney

First of all - note to self - in the future ask attendees to PRINT their names. I apologize for misspellings and omissions (there was one signature I just couldn't get more than a first initial out of).

Meeting was called to order and it was announced that Deb Kenny, assisted by Sophia Staples, would be acquiring a new breed booth which is expected to debut at the upcoming National Show.

Discussion then ensued as to the imported "Persian" with a five generation pedigree that was found to have a LH Exotic in the sixth generation. Bob Lorditch brought a laptop and displayed photos of LH Exotics being sold into the U.S. from Europe as Persians. He alleged that this practice is becoming prevalent. After much heated discussion, no matter how anyone felt on the issue it was agreed that the integrity of pedigrees was of great importance to everyone. The BC was advised that there will be a question on the next ballot lifting the ban on registering kittens born of a LHE x LHE or LHE x Persian breeding.

Photos were passed of a lilac smoke kitten and discussion was held as to why the Shaded/Smoke Division is the only one (other than the obvious Silver/Golden Division) that will not accept the chocolate/lilac colors for championship status despite the fact that chocolate/lilac smoke bicolors are allowed to be shown. There were several members of this division who argued against acceptance based on the argument that it is difficult to determine whether or not a lilac is truly a smoke because of the pale color. The Secretary argued that the same and more can be said for creams and possibly pale blues but they are accorded championship status. It is anticipated that this issue as well will appear on the upcoming ballot.

Last but certainly not least, Donna Jean Thompson addressed the group regarding preferred Persian head structure. She discussed the various configurations of head bumps that are seen on the show bench. While some bumps are easily evident at the front of the skull, sometimes they appear more toward the back of the skull. Discussion was held about having mock-ups of heads constructed for a future meeting so that members can feel various head faults that judges are seeing on the show bench.

Respectfully submitted,
Geri Fellerman
BC Secretary