Minutes of the June 2013 Breed Council Meeting

Sign in for attendees passed around: 37 members in attendance

Meeting is called at 9:10 am PT by Persian Breed Secretary: Linda Acomb

Linda's welcome:
Thanks to Region 2. Thanks for all the support from the members.

Congratulations to all National and Regional winning Persians.

Special Persian Breed Council Rosettes were made and awarded to the Top 5 Persians in each Division of Championship, Kittens and Premiership.

Meeting started with personal introductions by all attendees.

3 proposals were presented for the breed council to discuss.

1st Proposal is that the Ragamuffins will be asking to be allowed to outcross to the Persian until 2025.

They want this outcross to increase boning and genetic diversity in the breed and will only be using "pet quality", longer nosed Persian cats. Ragamuffins originally out crossed to Persians for the first 5 years of the breed's acceptance and have not used Persians since then. During the discussion, the following points were made:

  • comments that since Ragamuffin breeders only want to use pet quality Persians as outcrosses, they will not harm our show quality Persians. Ragamuffin breeders want the density of Persian coat, among other traits. This point was reiterated later in the discussion.
  • Some breed council members have issue with using pet quality Persians as any outcross. They felt it would encourage back yard breeders who do not show in CFA and felt our pet quality Persian is still too extreme for what the Ragamuffin wants and this would drive them to buy their cats from back yard breeders. Many council members agreed and were uncomfortable with this.
  • the suggestion was made that the ELH be used as an outcross for the long hair
  • Adding more genes does not create consistency
  • Some members felt that Crossing to Persian is not correct outcross for the Ragamuffin and that other breeds can provide coat consistency along with selective breeding for the trait.
  • Nancy Petersen pointed out that the breed council had no choice on whether or not to have this Proposal on our ballot, but we may be able to negotiate the terms. Nancy felt 12 years is too much to ask and that we should negotiate for 5 years; let board make the final decision. They have already used the Persian as an outcross for five years and should not require any more, but if something has to be on the ballot negotiate for shorter term. Our vote is informational only. Nancy Petersen explained to the council how the procedure works

2nd Proposal is the acceptance of the Bicolor Himalayan class into the Bicolor division.

Carissa Altschul addressed the council and asked for a show of hands of Bicolor council members.

  • She said If you don't like the color don't breed it. Cats are identified by 3xxx number
  • Told of a new breeder who produced a pointed bi-color thought it was an accident
  • Explained that Himalayan division is for point- restricted color and since you cannot isolate the piebald gene, the Bicolor Himalayan must be placed in the Bicolor division and not in the Himalayan division.
  • Why do it? There are people that are interested in working with them
  • Geri Fellerman: I've recently given this proposal more thought after seeing more photos of these cats from people in Europe. Other associations can show them. The reason we don't see more of them is because no one wants to show a cat they can't use in AOV. Maybe we will see more of this color if they are accepted. Some are pretty. I don't see a problem.
  • Why is this OK to accept a Himalayan and Bicolor cross and not an ELH? ELH is different breed. CFA considers Himalayans Persians and classifies the Exotic as another breed. Opposing felt the Bicolor Himalayans are not an improvement on the breed.
  • There was a concerned that too many colors would confuse judges or that they wouldn't be easy to identify. Does the piebald gene express on the body? Can it be covered if you don't know if it's there? Kittens are more difficult, but adults show different. Feet will be white. No DNA test for piebald gene
  • Questions can be sent to Carissa
  • Several people asked to please post pictures for the council to see online.

3rd Proposal is a Change in the tabby standard

Standard now gives 10 points on color, 10 points on pattern. Proposal wants to change to 5 for color, 15 for pattern

  • Leave the Standard alone!
  • Nancy Petersen: The reason this proposal was put forward is because some feel Judges aren't paying attention to either pattern or color. This should be a topic for a Judges workshop and that is currently being arranged.
  • Tabby breed council members attending feel this is wrong for the tabbies and that ground color cannot be separated from pattern
  • Can't have good pattern without proper background color- there should be a balance. All Tabby council members were in agreement that the question should not be on the ballot.

Deadline for proposals to breed council secretary is August 1. Ballots will be mailed in November

Breed council membership renewal is no later than August 1. PLEASE RENEW! Get new members

Breed booth is on the east coast

Other discussion - can rosettes be identified for each cat? List is available

Thanks for the new breed council list

Royal Canin presentation at 9:45

  • Presentation on new Persian kitten food
  • Food available in July 2013
  • Presentation over at 10:15

Meeting over 10:15 am pt