2005 Breed Council Ballot ~ Proposals and Results

Persian - General:
Total Members: 205 ~ Ballots Received: 145 ~ 60% for passing: 87
RESOLVED: That CFA increase the requirement for registration of a Persian cat or kitten in CFA from another registering association via certified pedigree from five (5) to eight (8) generations.
RATIONALE: The Persian Breed Council respectfully asks the Board to reconsider its prior actions and allow this request as has been previously granted to the Siamese, Burmese, Abyssinian and Russian Blue breeds. Despite overwhelming approval by the Persian breed council members in prior votes (2001 ballot - 70%; 2002 ballot - 80%), the Persian has been held to a different standard and has not been given equal treatment in such an important ballot item which may ultimately affect the breed as a whole in the future. The Board defends its position by maintaining that fiscal damage to CFA may occur by this requirement which would put a hardship on international registries, particularly in Europe. The anticipated CATS system is several years away at best from providing a reasonable way to research pedigrees for those breeders interested in continuing to breed Persians with only Persians in the background. In addition to Exotics, the Selkirk Rex and now the miscellaneous breed, RagaMuffin, are allowed outcrosses to the Persian which could contribute various unwanted traits to our breed in future generations. A further consideration for this pedigree requirement is the health of our breed, giving breeders a clearer view of their cats' heredity when making choices to work either with or away from genetic tendencies of certain health challenges which occur in the Persian. As the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, CFA takes pride in offering a recorded history of individual cats such as a pedigree provides. We are an organization of breeders, and as such, Persian breeders should also have our voice recognized and expect to be given the same tools and level of respect such has been the case with several others of CFA's Breed Councils.
Yes-103, No-41
Motion failed, Feb 2006 Board Meeting

Persian - Himalayan Division:
Total Members: 60 ~ Ballots Received: 50 ~ 60% for passing: 30
RESOLVED: Remove the Tortie Lynx Point and Blue-Cream Lynx Point colors from the "Other Lynx Points" color class, and give each of these colors its own class number.
RATIONALE: The lynx points are the fastest growing color classes in the Himalayan Division of the Persian breed. The Tortie Lynx and Blue-Cream Lynx Points have shown a particular increase in numbers for consideration as individual color class status since their acceptance in 2003. Following are registration statistics for these classes since then. Please note (*) that these figures are dated August 3 (from Central Office), with 2005 totals as yet unknown:
YEAR Tortie Lynx (3247) Blue-Cream Lynx (3251)
2005 48* 19*
2004 106 38
2003 93 38

Yes-45, No-5
Motion carried, Feb 2006 Board Meeting
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