2009 Breed Council Ballot ~ Proposals and Results

Persian - General:
Total Members: 158 ~ Ballots Received: 110 ~ 60% for passing: 66
PROPOSED: Add a sentence to the end of the 1st paragraph of the DISQUALIFY section of the Persian standard as follows:
DISQUALIFY: locket or button. Kinked or abnormal tail. Incorrect number of toes. Any apparent weakness in the hind quarters. Any apparent deformity of the spine. Deformity of the skull resulting in an asymmetrical face and/or head. Crossed eyes. An eye of more than one color (e.g., blue and copper).*

*The above listed disqualifications apply to all Persian cats. Additional disqualifications are listed under "Colors".

RATIONALE: This sentence is being added to disqualify cats with an eye that is multi-color, for example, an eye that is part blue and part copper.
Yes-48, No-62
Did not pass by 60% - will not be considered by the Board

The results for the question below are for informational purposes only.
QUESTION: Now that Exotic Longhairs (ELH) can be shown for championship status and the offspring of an ELH to a Persian are not registerable, it has been proposed that there should be a cut-off date beyond which Exotics are not allowed to outcross to Persians. Do you agree with such a cut-off date now or in the future?
-- A) Yes, after a minumum of ____ years (fill in number of years)
-- B) No cut-off date.

RATIONALE: Now that Exotic breeders can show their longhairs for titles, there seems to be no need for them to continue to outcross to Persians. They can simply use their now titled ELHs instead of Persians in their Exotic breeding programs.  

Voting results:

A) Yes - 49
    - After 0 years: 1 vote
    - After 1 year: 12 votes
    - After 2 years: 8 votes
    - After 3 years: 8 votes
    - After 4 years: 1 vote
    - After 5 years: 15 votes
    - AFter 10 years: 2 votes
B) No - 61

Persian - Calico/Bicolor Division:
Total Members: 48 ~ Ballots Received: 35 ~ 60% for passing: 21
PROPOSED: Revise the following statement describing the preferred minimum of color at the end of each Calico and Bi-Color color description:
As a preferred minimum, the cat should have a colored tail and one or more colored patches on the head and legs or body. Less color than this minimum should be penalized proportionately.

RATIONALE: Revision to clearly state that white legs are desired, but a colored patch on the head or body is also minimally desired in addition to a colored tail.
Yes-28, No-7
Motion carried, Feb 2010 Board Meeting

Persian - Himalayan Division:
Total Members: 41 ~ Ballots Received: 31 ~ 60% for passing: 19
PROPOSED: Remove the Flame-Lynx Point and Cream- Lynx Point colors from the "Other Lynx Points" color class, and give each of these colors its own color class and number.

RATIONALE: The lynx points are the fastest growing color classes in the Himalayan Division of the Persian breed. The Flame-Lynx and Cream-Lynx Points have become increasingly popular with breeders over the past several years, with multiple Regional Winners and a National Winner in these colors. The following table shows the registration statistics for these classes from the past several years, as reported by CFA.
YEAR Flame Lynx (3260/3261) Cream Lynx (3262/3263)
2008 68 33
2007 75 37
2006 58 26
2005 59 22

Yes-23, No-8
Motion carried, Feb 2010 Board Meeting
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