Top 10 Tabby Kittens ~ 2018-2019

Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Royaldiamond Checkmate

Red Tabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Victoria Palatnaya

2nd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Debo's Dance To The Music

Brown McTabby Female

Breeder/Owner: Patti-Tim Debiasse

3rd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Jovan Mountain Whiskey

Brown Tabby Male

Cheryl-Kirsten Lorditch

4th Best Tabby Kitten

GP, RW Cinema's Delirious of Bombshell

Red McTabby Neuter

Breeder: Blake Mayes-Dennis Adler
Owner: Felicia Walker

5th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Cozmo Counting Stars of Debo

Brown Tabby Female

Breeder: Carol-Ed Krzanowski
Owner: Patti-Tim Debiasse

6th Best Tabby Kitten

RW Tufftons Totally Undeniable

Brown Tabby Male

Breeder: Heidi Murphy
Owner: Heidi Murphy, Sherry Kern

7th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Just So Happy Hooligan

Red Tabby Male

Kate Preston

8th Best Tabby Kitten

CH, RW Surreal's Fire Chief of Bellespurr

Red Tabby Male

Breeder: Leesa-Mike Altschul-Eileen Cochran
Owner: Mike-Leesa Altschul, Lucy Appel

9th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Surreal's Fire Storm of Maikai

Silver McTabby Male

Breeder: Leesa-Mike Altschul
Owner: Eileen Cochran

10th Best Tabby Kitten

CH Posh Persian Prince Harry

Brown McTabby Male

Breeder: Donna Waskiewicz - Tom Lukken
Owner: Donna-Thomas Waskiewicz

Other 2018-19 Show Season Winners

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