Top 10 Solid Kittens ~ 2015-2016

Best Solid Kitten

GC, NW Mimihouse Do I Wanna Do

Copper-Eyed White Male

Breeder: Guan Hu
Owner: Zheng Qian-Guan Hu

2nd Best Solid Kitten

GC, NW Central Park's Kiss My Tiara

Odd-Eyed White Female

Kristin Parro-Emma Parro

3rd Best Solid Kitten

GC, RW Lox-Nott Lionheart

Cream Male

Yoonai & Sophia Staples

4th Best Solid Kitten

GC D'Eden Lover Apache of Kenji Blue

Black Male

Breeder: Frederic Gaspard
Owner: Shi Jun

5th Best Solid Kitten

GC, RW Whiteout Moody Blues

Blue-Eyed White Male

Dina Lyons

6th Best Solid Kitten

RW Validian Osiris of Persi-Puff

Blue Male

Breeder: Jane Lamas-Peter J Rogers III
Owner: Peter J Rogers III-Arnold Sanchez-Emerson Lagpacan

7th Best Solid Kitten

RW Central Park's
Heaven Can Wait

Blue-Eyed White Male

Kirstin & Emma Parro

8th Best Solid Kitten

CH, RW Topknot Dickie Doo

Copper-Eyed White Male

Kim Sieving

9th Best Solid Kitten

CH, RW Windyvalley's Breezy Blue

Blue Female

Kelley Phillips

10th Best Solid Kitten

GC, RW Twitter General Beuregard of Maikai

Copper-Eyed White Male

Breeder: Cheryl & Charles Dorrell
Owner: Carol Booth-Cheryl Dorrell

Other 2015-16 Show Season Winners

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