Top 10 Tabby Kittens ~ 2015-2016

Best Tabby Kitten

RW Lushell's Dream Catcher

Blue Tabby Female

Breeder: L-S Hollabaugh
Owner: Shelby Hollabaugh-Lucia A Hollabaugh

2nd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Meow My Chloe

Brown Patched McTabby Female

Zayda Stephens

3rd Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Joleigh Sunfire of Luvely

Cameo McTabby Male

Breeder: Sue Bloomquist
Owner: Tashia Lyons

4th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Jovan Tweed Weasel

Brown McTabby Male

Breeder: C-B Lorditch - Kristen Carlson
Owner: Cheryl-Bob-Kirsten Lorditch

5th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Joleigh Boots Wit Da Fur of Fursace

Brown Patched McTabby Female

Breeder: Sue Bloomquist-Gary Powell
Owner: Wendy Goldman

6th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Debo's Dream Weaver

Brown McTabby Male

Patti & Tim Debiasse

7th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW Joleigh Dior of Fursace

Silver McTabby Female

Breeder: Sue Bloomquist
Owner: Sue Bloomquist-Wendy Goldman

8th Best Tabby Kitten

CH, RW Purr-Majik Playing For Keeps

Brown Tabby Male

Cheryl Fisher

9th Best Tabby Kitten

GC, RW El Zaburs Brown Sugar
of Scrimshaw

Brown McTabby Male

Breeder: Gabriela Klodt-Rodorf
Owner: Linda & John Acomb

10th Best Tabby Kitten

Meow My Gentleman Jack

Brown McTabby Male

Breeder/Owner: Zayda Stephens

Other 2015-16 Show Season Winners

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